Friday, December 5, 2008

Wood waxing

The drying period is over, i have pugged all the leaks (hopefully) and had a test run in the bath tub..

She is all waxed up now, awaiting the next perfect opportunity to get wet.

Maiden voyage

The maiden voyage of the wood beast was an epic mid winter session, water temp 8 degrees, swell 3-4ft and light offshores.

On the first kiss of the freezing water she floated like a dream, paddled like a long board, and rode like a short board. I was a bit skeptical of the rails, but the held and could easily string a few turns and beat the sections with the speed these boards are famous for.

I only managed to catch one wave before tragedy struck.. i felt it was slowly feeling heavier and heavier as io paddled out and my suspicions were correct it was LEAKING..

I could barely lift it out of the water.. but i managed to drain it pretty fast and get it into a wood drying room for about 2 months.

Heres the shots from the maiden session.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ready to roll

Here she is all ready to get wet..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Air vent installation

This was tricky and after going around every plumbing and hardware store in chch, i went to a boating shop and they had exactly what i was after.

This is a water tight bung that can be undone by hand.

I plan on rounding down the edges so it is not so intrusive and save my feet from being chopped up on it if im unintentionally hanging ten.

I installed the plug by screwing in place and sealing it with resin all over. If you have built your board using the hollow web method be careful were you drill your hole, as it can damage the supporting struts on the inside.

Fish Graphics

I decided on a tmoeski inspired graphics.. and got a local place to print some vinyls for me.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Fin installation

A big thanks to team FCS who helped me install the fins.. and allign them straight just in the nick of time!!

not the angle i was after.. I using a 3 plug fcs set up for more freedom in the fin placement. Fins im using will be either, FCS MR twinnies or hand shaped 3 plug keels.

third plug yet to be installed.

the web of support tape.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Base Laminating

with the hot weather at easter i got a chance to do another laminating spree..

200ml was more than enough resin for one coat.

Top Deck Laminating

Finally i have got around to getting some resin.
I have used west system, but this stuff has a bit of an amber tint.. this good for a wood board.. but not so good for fiberglass.. which i intend to get into next..

this coat was done with 13oml of west resin this wasnt really enough as didnt give an even coating.

Leash plug

Installed a leash plug, just a simple model from you local surf store..

I always wonderd why leash plugs are in the middle a or to the left or right on fish shapes.. On personal experience, i tend to find the leash gets caught up around my leg if it is on the wrong side of the tail, but then if it is in the middle can rip the butt crack to shreds if you bail at the last moment.

Iv gone with a center plug, just cos i like it... for strength onyl time will tell if it holds the weight of the woodfish..

more sanding

phew so finished sanding the deck.. heres some profile shots:

top deck
base ( im going for a 3 plug fcs setup with custom fins or fcs.. depending on my budget)

i spent a good 10 hours of hand sanding till i decide to give in and go down to the local hardware store and purchase a $12 Rail master.. (this will surely come in handy for finishing the laminated decks)