Friday, December 5, 2008

Wood waxing

The drying period is over, i have pugged all the leaks (hopefully) and had a test run in the bath tub..

She is all waxed up now, awaiting the next perfect opportunity to get wet.

Maiden voyage

The maiden voyage of the wood beast was an epic mid winter session, water temp 8 degrees, swell 3-4ft and light offshores.

On the first kiss of the freezing water she floated like a dream, paddled like a long board, and rode like a short board. I was a bit skeptical of the rails, but the held and could easily string a few turns and beat the sections with the speed these boards are famous for.

I only managed to catch one wave before tragedy struck.. i felt it was slowly feeling heavier and heavier as io paddled out and my suspicions were correct it was LEAKING..

I could barely lift it out of the water.. but i managed to drain it pretty fast and get it into a wood drying room for about 2 months.

Heres the shots from the maiden session.