Friday, December 5, 2008

Wood waxing

The drying period is over, i have pugged all the leaks (hopefully) and had a test run in the bath tub..

She is all waxed up now, awaiting the next perfect opportunity to get wet.


glutton said...

Hi Brett, this the glutton whose Woden Board Punishment blog you posted on last month. I got a tip from someone on a Magic Seaweed about finding the holes and thought I had plugged the leaks. But alas, when I surfed it again a couple of weeks ago it took on about a litre over the course of an hour. It is now drying out, again. My question is have you completely plugged it, and how did ou find all the holes? And to be truthful i think the board surfs a little better with water in it.

Rachel said...

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